This page gives you an overview of the people involved in our initiative and conferences. 

Attendees Planetary Security Conference 2017


Mrs. Olubukola Ademola-adelehin

Search for Common Ground

Dr. Emad Adly

Arab Network fro Environment and Development (RAED)

Mr. Derrick Agyapong

Netherlands National IHP-HWRP Committee

Dr. Akinyinka Akinyoade

African Studies Centre Leiden

Mr. Saad Al-johashi

The embassy of the Repuplic of Iraq -The Hague

Dr. Hayder Al-tamimi

Iraqi embassy in The Hague

Mr. Bastien Alex

French Institute for International and Stratgeic Affairs (IRIS)

Ms. Reem Alhaddadin

WANA Isntitute

Ms. Aala Ali


Mrs. Hamsatu Allamin

Federation of Muslim Women Associations in Nigeria (FOMWAN)

Ms. Karen Arnon

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Dr. Alice Baillat

The French Institute for International and Strategic Affairs

Ms. Anne Bakker


Drs. Marije Balt


Ms. Sabra Bano

Gender Concerns International

Mr. Jan Pieter Barendse

Ministry of Foreign Affairs The Netherlands

Prof. Jon Barnett

The University of Melbourne

Mrs. Ammo Aziza Baroud

Embassy of Chad

Dr. Karina Barquet

Stockholm Environment Institute

Dr. Likoyi Baruti

Recherches et Documentation Juridiques Africaines asbl

Mr. Luc Bas

IUCN European Regional Office

Mr. Hartmut Behrend

GIZ (Organisation for International Cooperation of Germany)

Mr. Sheikh Mohammed Belal

Embassy of Bangladesh, The Hague

Ms. Barbara Bendandi


Dr. Lars Berg

Stockholm University

Drs. Cas Besselink


Drs. Marcel Beukeboom

Government of the Netherlands

Mr. Ramesh Prasad Bhushal

Nepal Forum of Environmental Journalists

Prof. Dr. Annette L. Bickford


Prof. Melha Rout Biel

Dr John Garang Memorial University of Science and Technology

Drs. Like Bijlsma


Dr. Prem Bindraban


Mr. Sebastian Bloching

European Parliament

Mr. Bas Bolman


Ms. Camilla Born


Ms. Anna Brach

Geneva Centre for Security Policy

Dr. Chad Briggs

GlobalInt LLC

Gen. Jan Broeks


Ms. Valerie Brown


Mr. Oli Brown

UN Environment

Mr. Roelof Buffinga

Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Ms. Paula Caballero

World Resources Institute

Mr. Alexander Carius


Mr. John Carstensen


Ms. Alison Cassady

Center for American Progress

Mrs. Camelia Chirascu

Embassy of Romania to The Hague

Prof. Dr. Ken Conca

American University

Dr. Christina Cook

Future Earth

Ms. Lindsey Fielder Cook

Quaker United Nations Office

Ms. Joëlle Coureau

French embassy

Mr. Alec Crawford


Mr. Ian Cumming

Australian Defence Force

Prof. Geoff Dabelko

Ohio University

H.E. Iyad Dahiyat

Ministry of Water and Irrigation

Mr. Sherwin Das

Energy Peace Partners

Drs. Sophie de Bruin

Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency

Mrs. Emmanuelle De Foy

Embassy of Belgium

Mr. Mirko De Ponti

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Dr. Bram De Vos

Wageningen University & Research

Mrs. Janneke De vries

World Resources Institute

Mr. Johan de Wit

Siemens & TU Delft

Mr. Ivo de Zwaan

Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment

Dr. Pascal Delisle

European External Action Service

Mr. Aliou M. Dia


Ms. Binta Diakite

Investment Promotion Agency of Mali

Mr. Peter Diez

Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment

Mrs. Agnes Dinkelman


Mr. Ajaya Dixit


Dr. Wybe Douma

T.M.C. Asser Institute

Ms. Cheryl Durrant

Australian Department of Defence

Mr. El Habib El Andaloussi

Ministry of Energy & Mineral Resources/ EU funded project

Mrs. Rana El Hajj

American University of Beirut

Prof. Dr. Nadim Farajalla

American University of Beirut

Ms. Nike Festen


Ms. Shiloh Fetzek

The Center for Climate and Security

Mr. Lorenzo Fränkel

NOS Nieuwsuur

Dr. Timmo Gaasbeek

ZOA Sudan

Ms. Emily Gallagher

New America

Dr. Francois Gemenne

Observatory on Climate and Defense / Sciences Po

Gen. Tariq Ghazi

Global Military Advisory Council on Climate Change

Dr. Peter Gleick

Pacific Institute

Ms. Sherri Goodman

Center for Climate & Security

Mr. Vice Admiral (Retired) Lee Gunn

The Gunn Group

Ms. Emma Hakala

University of Helsinki

Mr. Yousif Hamid

Darfur Development and Construction Agency (DDRA)

Mr. Nicholas Harrison


Ms. Jessica Hartog

International Alert

Ms. Fiona Harvey

The Guardian

Drs. Alexander Heijnen

Relief Base

Ms. Danielle Hirsch


Mr. Felix Hoogveld

Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Mr. Hans Olav Ibrekk

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Mr. Charles Iceland

World Resources Institute

Mr. Yadgar Jalal


Ms. Karlijn Jans

The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies

Mr. Rollis Ernest Jiofack Feuze

Netherlands National IHP-HWRP Committee

Mr. Douwe Jan Joustra


Mrs. Bah Kadiatou

Studio Hirondelle Guinée

Mr. Ries Kamphof

Clingendael Institute

Mr. Gergely Karbuczky

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade

H.E. Ambassador (Ret) Tariq Karim


Ms. Durga Kumari Karki

Nepal Forum of Environmental Journalists

Mr. Yvan Keckeis

Swiss Department of Foreign Affairs

Dr. Karounga Keita

Wetlands International

Prof. Caroline Kihato

University of Johannesburg

Mr. Ronald A. Kingham

Institute for Environmental Security

Dr. Martina Klimes


Mr. Joost Knoop

PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency

Prof. Dr. Vally Koubi

ETH Zurich

Mr. Maarten Kramer

Royal Netherlands Army

Mr. Keith Krause

Embassy of the United States

Ms. Amanda Kron

United Nations Environment Programme

Dr. Hammou Laamrani

League of Arab States

Mr. Marten Lammertink

Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken

Mr. Robert Laubacher

MIT Center for Collective Intelligence

Dr. Gottfried Leibbrandt

Institute for Environmental Security

Mr. Sander Lelieveld Voormeulen

Ministry of Security and Justice

Dr. Marcel Leroy

Institute for Environmental Security

Mr. John Dennis Liu

Commonland Foundation

Mrs. Margot Loof


Dr. Eva Lövbrand

Linköping University

Mr. Steven Lovink

Philanthropy4Life Initiative

Drs. Paul Luttikhuis

NRC media

Ms. Jane Madgwick

Wetlands International

Gen. Camara Makha

Headquater Mauritany Army

Dr. Carmen Marques Ruiz


Mr. Grammenos Mastrojeni

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Italy

Dr. Karen Meijer


Ms. Heather Messera

The Center for Climate and Security

Dr. Bert Metz

European Climate Foundation

Ms. Shreya Mitra

International Alert

Dr. Malin Mobjörk

Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, SIPRI

Mr. Awadalla Hamid Mohamed Osman

Practical Action

Mr. Sina Mohammed


Dr. Fransje Molenaar


Prof. Dr. Hans Mommaas

PBL Environmental Assessment Agency

Ms. Bessma Mourad

Skoll Global Threats Fund

Mr. David Mozersky

Energy Peace Partners

Gen. Anm Muniruzzaman

Bangladesh Institute of Peace and Security Studies

Mr. Max Münz

Global Perspectives Initiative gUG

Drs. Tabitha Muriuki

Wageningen University and Research Centre

Gen. Dennis Murphy

Global Military Advisory Council on Climate Change (GMACCC)

Dr. Rebecca Nadin

Overseas Development Institute

Miss. Saffaa Naffaa


Ms. Chitra Nagarajan


Mr. Ahmed Najm


Ms. Magda Nassef

UN Environment

Ms. Randa Nemer

Ministry of energy and water

Prof. Paul Nightingale

University of Sussex

Ms. Dominique Noome

1 CMI Co

Dr. Sibout Nooteboom


Drs. Bernice Notenboom

inuksuk media

Dr. Uche Okpara

University of Leeds

Drs. Antony Ong'ayo

Tilburg University

Drs. Jolke Oppewal

Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken

Dr. Pounyala Awa Ouoba

University ouaga I Pr joseph Ki-ZERBO

Mr. Henk Ovink

Kingdom of The Netherlands

Dr. Gül Ozerol

University of Twente

Mr. Alberto Pallecchi

World Resources Institute

Dr. Sara Pantuliano

Overseas Development Institute

Prof. Shlomit Paz

University of Haifa

Mrs. Elisa Perpignan

Netherlands National IHP-HWRP Committee

Ms. Katie Peters

Overseas Development Institute

Ms. Belynda Petrie

OneWorld Sustainable Investments

Rear Admiral (Ret.) Ann Phillips

The Center for Climate and Security

Dr. Benjamin Pohl


Mr. Michel Rademaker

The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies

Dr. David Reed


Dr. Nicolas Regaud

Ministry of Defence

Dr. Gunilla Reischl

Swedish Institute of International Affairs

Mr. Ben Rhee

Global Challenges Foundation

Mrs. Lauren Risi

Woodrow Wilson Center

Ms. Zeituna Roba


Ms. Anneke Rooth

Clingendael Institute

Ms. Cherie Rosenblum

CNA Military Advisory Board

Ms. Denice Ross

New America

Mr. Stefan Ruchti

Federal Department of Foreign Affairs

Mr. Bas Ruter


Mrs. Retchel Sasing


Mrs. Rolien Sasse

Sasse Advisory Services

Dr. Amiera Sawas


Ms. Stella Schaller


Ms. Cynthia Scharf

Carnegie Climate Geoengineering Governance Initiative

Mr. Robert-jan Scheer

Netherlands Ministry for Foreign Affairs

Mr. Nikolas Scherer


Miss. Jessica Scott

Sustainable Development Solutions Network

Dr. Jamie Shea


Mr. Ben Shepherd

Chatham House

Ms. Lidet Tadesse Shiferaw


Ms. Zaki Shubber

IHE Delft Institute for Water Education

Mrs. Monika Sie Dhian Ho

Netherlands Institute of International Relations 'Clingendael'

Mr. Robert-jan Siegert

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands

Dr. Otto Simonett

Zoï Environment Network

Mrs. Yvon Slingenberg

European Commission

Mr. Dan Smith


Dr. Anja Stache


Ms. Karen Stehouwer


Dr. Marian Stuiver

Wageningen University & Research

Mr. Tim Suljada


Prof. Ashok Swain

Uppsala University

Dr. Florence Sylvestre


Ms. Diana Szoke

Institute for Foreign Affairs and Trade

Mr. Dennis Tänzler


Mr. Barend ter Haar


Drs. Tessa Terpstra

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands

Mr. Pieter Terpstra

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Mr. Harri Thomas

Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI)

Mr. Benjamin Tida

Gender Concerns International

Dr. Ibrahim Togola


Mr. Mouhamadou Touré

Fondation Hirondelle - Studio Tamani

Mr. Laxman Prasad Upreti

Nepal Forum of Environmental Journalists

Dr. Maarten van Aalst

Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre

Mrs. Marijn van Blom

Netherlends ministry of Foreign Affairs

Mr. Arthur Van Buitenen


Drs. Paul Van Den Berg


Drs. Heleen van der Beek


Ms. Julie van der Bliek

International Water Management Institute

Ms. Kitty van der Heijden


Dr. Willem Van Eekelen

Eurodefence Nederland

Dr. Caroline Van Leenders

Netherlands Enterprise Agency

Mr. Floris van Nouhuijs

Van Oord

Mr. Omer van Renterghem

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Drs. Carola Van Rijnsoever

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Ms. Marion Van Schaik

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Dr. Louise Van Schaik

Netherlands Institute of International Relations Clingendael

Mr. Maarten Van Schie

Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency

Drs. Peter Van Sluijs


Mr. Merlijn Van Waas

CARE Nederland

Mr. Michel van Winden


Mr. Alexander Verbeek

Institute for Planetary Security

Mr. Rob Verheem

Netherlands Commission for Environmental Assessment

Drs. Sanne Vermeulen


Ms. Nadia Verwaal

Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Mr. Neeshad Vidyanagar Shafi

Arab Youth Climate Movement Qatar

Ms. Janani Vivekananda


Mr. Tobias von Lossow


Mr. Martin Watson


Prof. Dr. Michael Werz

Center for American Progress

Dr. Derek West

U.S. Africa Command

Ms. Sophie Willems

Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Mr. Pieter Wit


Mr. Siebren Wolf


Mr. Stephan Wolters


Mr. Chris Wright

Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Mr. Mohamed Yahya


Dr. Asif Zaidi

United Nations Environment Programme

Mr. Kees Zevenbergen


Mrs. Wim Zwijnenburg

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