What's the Planetary Security Initiative (PSI)? 


Climate change affects human security and can increase conflict risk. This issue gained prominence on high level international diplomatic and security policy agendas. Yet still more needs to be done to address risks on the ground. The Planetary Security Initiative (PSI) aims to catalyze action in affected contexts. PSI sets out best practices, strategic entry points and new approaches to reducing climate-related risks to conflict and stability, thus promoting sustainable peace in a changing climate.  

The Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs launched the PSI in 2015, operated by a consortium of leading think tanks. With the focus on four major planetary security conferences, the initiative now redirected its focus from awareness creation to applicable action after successfully supporting the efforts to place climate-related security risk at the centre of the global foreign policy and defence stage. PSI will therefore continue to act as a global knowledge hub. Its activities on the ground will be shifting more towards the regions (a.o. Middle-East & Levant) where this agenda is most pressing. In these regions, PSI will work with local partners. PSI will work with journalists from countries highly affected by the climate-security nexus to increase the public's awareness and spark international debate.

Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The objectives of the PSI are to:

  • Enhance political involvement in climate-security.
  • Strengthen the knowledge-policy interface by consolidating a global, cross-sectoral and interdisciplinary community of practice.
  • Develop and promote policies and good practices to support governments, the private sector and implementing agencies better securing peace in regions affected by climate change.
  • Operate as a permanent platform for international cooperation on planetary security.

Supported by:

The Planetary Security Initiative is currently implemented by Clingendael Institute - The Hague. 


The core team and project partners for the next phase of PSI will be:

  • The Clingendael Institute
  • The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies
  • Free Press Unlimited
  • Water, Peace and Security Partnership 
  • EcoPeace 
  • adelphi
  • MercyCorps
  • CGA
  • PAX
  • Nature Iraq

It will also collaborate with other platforms and networks on natural resource stresses (e.g. on water, food and land) and the International Military Council on Climate and Security.


The PSI is grateful to its partners for providing (in-kind) support:

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Our media partner:



From May 2016 to May 2019, PSI was supported by a consortium:

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