In the past months we have regularly published Interviews with experts recorded at the 4th Planetary Security Conference on 19-20 February in the Hague. With a variety of expertise, topics such as the Lake Chad Crisis, Nature-based solutions, urbanization and peace-building where discussed. This article collects all interviews at one spot and provides short abstracts
This week climate-related security issues were prominently discussed in Brussels. Luxembourg Minister of Defense François Bausch addressed the topic in a meeting with his counterparts in the Foreign Affairs Council. This Council, which is composed of Ministers from EU Member States, brought together Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Defense in a so-called joined session format. They were joined by their counterparts from the G5 Sahel and its Secretary General. The EU reiterated its commitment to the region and its willingness to increase its engagement in the future.
Following the presentation of a ‘roadmap to the UN Climate Summit’ by General Assembly President Maria Espinosa in March, we presented an outline of key dates and events for the climate-security nexus, in what has the potential to be a ‘tipping point’ year for the agenda. We regularly update the events on this website. Please read on for the upcoming key events in 2019
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo shocked the Arctic Council on Monday, with strong words for China, Russia and Canada – in a forum usually reserved for cooperation and relative goodwill. For the first time in its history, no joint declaration could be agreed. While the US position on climate change was central to the final disagreement, recent events show there are deeper roots to the geopolitical tension that is increasingly defining Arctic diplomacy.