In this policy brief Leon Fuerth argues a new type of complex problems, climate change being the apex example, needs a new type of governance that anticipates for future threats.
In October and November a series of Roundtables brings together government representatives from 4 countries in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) to discuss the water-energy-food nexus in the region. The meetings will be organised in Amman and Beirut.
What if the hundreds of millions of dollars spent each and every year burning fossil fuels to power peacekeeping and humanitarian efforts could instead create lasting energy infrastructure powered by the wind and the sun? This article explores how renewable energies in could lay the foundation for the utilities of the future in a post-crisis phase and assist communities to reap the development benefits associated with increased energy access.
On 23-24 October 2017 International Alert and the Netherlands Embassy in Mali are organising a workshop on the relationship between climate change, natural resources and security. The meeting will be organised in Bamako and will involve representatives from the Mali Government, bilateral and multilateral donors, civil society and private sector.