Follow-up story on saltwater intrusion with the Southern Region Environment Directorate in Iraq
An important component of PSI activities in Iraq is to encourage local dialogue and research on the impact of climate change on stability. In a follow-up story with the Southern Region Environment Directorate, a local journalist from PSI and FPU media fellowship interviewed the Director to discuss saltwater intrusion impact on food security in the south.
Enhanced data on environmental migration in the Caribbean
IOM launched a new initiative to enhance the collection and use of data and evidence on environmental migration. The new initiative will serve to assess existing mechanisms and capacities in the target countries to collect and use data. It will further promote the development of state-of-the-art systems based on built national capacities.
Fears for militarisation of climate change: Should we be concerned?
The debate on how climate change and security are related is confronted by those fearing unnecessary securitisation and others being cautious about the topic of security stretching to issues beyond the abuse of power leading to deadly conflicts. This Clingendael alert is a call for a more open debate on what lies behind fears for the securitisation of climate change, particularly on the opposition to engage the military.