First World Climate and Security Report out now
The World Climate Security Report 2020 is published on February 13th. It is the first global assessment and comprehensive overview of climate-related security risks.The report is published by IMCCS together with PSI and other partners. The IMCCS consists of senior military leaders and security experts representing 31 countries, who argue the military needs to address all credible threats to their respective nation’s security, including climate change impacts.
Luxembourg championing Climate Security Conference 2020
On 14 February, the first edition of the World Climate Security Report is presented in Luxembourg. The event is hosted by Deputy Prime Minister François Bausch who has recognized the need to put climate-security higher on the European and international agenda. General Tom Middendorp (ret.) will present the key findings of the report in Luxembourg and during the subsequent Munich Security Conference.
Climate Security prominently on the agenda in Munich
The world’s leading forum for international security policy, the Munich Security Conference, will take place from 14-16 February 2020. It will be joined by over 450 decision-makers and thought-leaders. Besides addressing traditional security topics, climate-security will be extensively discussed during a panel on the main stage on 15 February. Several related side-events are organized on 13 and 14 February as well. Stay tuned @PlanSecu