Hague Declaration Progress Tracking


#Doable: fourth Planetary Security Conference marks shift to action
The Planetary Security Conference 2019 concluded on Wednesday 20 February with a collective resolve to implement and scale up actions to reduce security risks emanating from climate change. Over 450 diplomats, military personnel, development professionals, local and regional leaders, scientists and private sector players came together to discuss progress so far and how immediate needs could be addressed, particularly those most pressing in the spotlight regions of the Conference: Iraq, Lake Chad, Mali and the Caribbean.
International Military Council on Climate and Security Announced at The Hague
At the Planetary Security Conference 2019, a meeting of hundreds of security and foreign policy experts and practitioners, the Center for Climate and Security (CCS) and its partners the Netherlands Institute of International Relations (Clingendael)/ the Planetary Security Initiative, the French Institute for International and Strategic Affairs (IRIS),  and the Hague Centre for Strategic Studies (HCSS) announced the creation of a new International Military Council on Climate and Security, or IMCCS. 
How should the OSCE deal with climate change and environmental threats?
The security threat of environmental problems such as climate change and environmental pollution should not be underestimated according to Barend ter Haar, Senior Visiting Research Fellow at The Clingendael Institute. In this article published on the website of Security and Human Rights Monitor he addresses the threats that have been recognized by the OSCE – The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe - and discusses if there is more to be done.