The Hague Declaration on Planetary Security

With this declaration, we set out an Agenda for Action for the community of practice on Planetary Security. The Agenda for Action builds upon and seeks to contextualize the priority themes and geographic regions of the 2017 Planetary Security Conference. By signing the declaration you support concrete steps to address climate-related security challenges.

Please visit the declaration page to sign up.


UN Secretary-General urges for cooperation over natural resources
For the first time on October 16th the UN Secretary-General António Guterres devoted a full speech in the UNSC on the necessity for states to cooperate over natural resources and to use them as sources of development to strengthen peace.
Building a Stable and Prosperous Democracy in Iraq event
Under the umbrella of PSI, the Clingendael Institute and The Embassy of the Republic of Iraq in the Netherlands hold the closed-door meeting ‘Building a Stable and Prosperous Democracy in Iraq: Food Security, Climate Change and Sustainable Development’ on 1st of November 2018.
How to boost rainfalls in the Sahara
A recent study published with Science shows how large-scale deployment of wind turbines and solar panels can affect local climate. Large-scale implementation of wind and solar energy in the Sahara region could have major implications not only in terms of clean and renewable energy production but also in an increase of fertile land.