About the initiative

The Planetary Security Initiative aims to increase awareness, to deepen knowledge, and to develop and promote policies and good practice guidance to help governments, the private sector and international institutions better secure peace and cooperation in times of climate change and global environmental challenges.

The Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs launched the Planetary Security Initiative (PSI) in 2015. Now operated by a consortium of leading think tanks, the goal of PSI is to strengthen the knowledge-policy interface by consolidating the Community of Practice on planetary security.

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Climate Change and Water Woes Drove ISIS Recruiting in Iraq
The research conducted by Peter Schwartzstein investigates the links between the early signs of climate change and the rise of the Islamic State in Iraq. Battered by shifting resources, desperate farmers were driven into terror recruiters’ clutches. Can it happen again?
Consultation in Bamako prepared for PSC2017
International Alert and the Netherlands Embassy in Mali hosted a preparatory workshop on climate change & security in Mali on 23 and 24 October 2017 in Bamako aiming at bringing stakeholders from the climate change, natural resource management, security and development sector together to discuss and analyze the compound risks of the climate change – natural resource – security nexus in Mali.
We Need to Talk About Geoengineering
Despite active discussion within the scientific community, and rising media interest, climate geoengineering remains largely absent from political and public debates. In this recent article in Science Magazine, Carnegie Climate Geoengineering Governance Initiative (C2G2) called upon policy-makers to become more actively involved. Given the low levels of knowledge and high levels of misperceptions surrounding geoengineering, the piece also offers a useful overview of the issue, and addresses some commonly asked questions.