The Hague Declaration on Planetary Security

With this declaration, we set out an Agenda for Action for the community of practice on Planetary Security. The Agenda for Action builds upon and seeks to contextualize the priority themes and geographic regions of the 2017 Planetary Security Conference. By signing the declaration you support concrete steps to address climate-related security challenges.

Please visit the declaration page to sign up.


Europe’s Responsibility to Prepare: Managing Climate Security Risks in a Changing World
The European Union (EU) has recognized the high-probability, high impact threat climate change poses to international security, but is still formulating a response commensurate to the threat. This new report argues that the security threats of climate change should be more routinely integrated into EU institutions at a senior level and be elevated alongside other ‘traditional’ security issues like terrorism and nuclear threats.
Many more to come? Migration from and within Africa
A recent publication by the Joint Research Centre (JRC), the European Commission’s science and knowledge service, aims to provide evidence-based scientific support to the future of migration patterns from and within Africa and to explore the main driving factors that impede or further migration flows. Building on those findings and data from the OECD, Gallup, the UN Population and the World Bank this paper use macro-econometric analyses to develop three forecast scenarios up to 2050.
What can the EU do? Climate-related security risks in Iraq & Mali
For over a decade the EU has shown interest in mitigating climate-related security risks, but this has hardly translated into effective policies. The cases of Iraq and Mali illustrate how EU missions, policies and related financial instruments could be adjusted to take due account of the climate-security nexus.