Hague Decla

                                                                                                                   Progress Tracking

 The Hague Declaration on Planetary Security was launched to support concrete steps to advance in the six action areas outlined in the Declaration.
                               Please visit our website on the Hague Declaration to see progress related to the Hague Declaration’s action areas


High-level roundtable in Jordan: Discussing Humanitarian policy in light of Climate Security
On 19 June, 2019, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and the Jordan Red Crescent Society (JRCS) co-hosted a policy roundtable on climate change, conflict and resilience in Amman Jordan, with organizational support by the Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre (RCClimate) and the Overseas Development Institute (ODI).
Ecological Peace in the Middle East: #Doable?!
Jordan, Palestine and Israel are strongly divided on political and religious issues, however when it comes to climate risks, they have equal problems and they aim to solve this together. Since 2018 the call for action on climate change worldwide increased to a significant level. In the Middle East the most visual climate risks are related to water: the lower Jordan River and the Dead Sea are shared environmental heritages of the three countries, but the water level is shrinking to alarmingly low levels.
Climate Security at London Climate Action Week
At the inaugural London Climate Action Week from 1-8 July, climate security will once again be high on the agenda. The Dutch Embassy in the UK, in partnership with the Planetary Security Initiative and E3G, will host leading defense, development and diplomacy actors alongside journalists, students, and the general public via live stream. In a critical year for climate action – with further direct action almost as certain as the UN Secretary General’s Climate Action Summit in September – the event is an opportunity to share how far the British and Dutch climate resilience and security agendas have advanced, and how much further there is to go, together.