The Hague Declaration on Planetary Security

With this declaration, we set out an Agenda for Action for the community of practice on Planetary Security. The Agenda for Action builds upon and seeks to contextualize the priority themes and geographic regions of the 2017 Planetary Security Conference. By signing the declaration you support concrete steps to address climate-related security challenges.

Please visit the declaration page to sign up.


Strengthening the African climate security agenda - Interview with Aliou Dia, UNDP
Security in the African continent is severely undermined by climate-related impacts such as droughts, floods and conflicts for resources. However, deep-seated ad-hoc approaches hinder a long-term perspective over the effects of these shocks on the continent's development. Aliou Dia, Africa Team Leader Climate Change and Energy at UNDP, stresses the need to mainstream climate security in national and regional agendas as a development issue.
A new forthcoming book on Climate Change and the UN Security Council
Edited by Shirley V. Scott and Charlotte Ku, this forward-looking book examines the scope and options for the United Nations Security Council to respond to climate insecurity. A cross-disciplinary team of experts addresses the range of political and legal considerations involved, including, the scope for adapting existing Council tools to address the challenge of climate change, the legality and legitimacy of doing so, the attitude of the P5 and EU, and Council action to date.
US Defense & climate security an Interview with Sharon Burke
Increasing vulnerability of coastal military bases, an opening polar route in the Arctic, and global instability are main threats that bring climate change to the focus of the US Defense Department. Sharon Burke, Senior Advisor to New America and former Assistant Secretary for US Defense, describes how the military balances preparedness for climate impacts with challenges arising from the current US government.