The Hague Declaration on Planetary Security

With this declaration, we set out an Agenda for Action for the community of practice on Planetary Security. The Agenda for Action builds upon and seeks to contextualize the priority themes and geographic regions of the 2017 Planetary Security Conference. By signing the declaration you support concrete steps to address climate-related security challenges.

Please visit the declaration page to sign up.


Losing Earth: The Decade We Almost Stopped Climate Change
The New York Times Magazine’s new special issue covers climate change in a gripping long read by Nathaniel Rich – a resounding call for action to be taken today, by revealing the failure to address climate change in the past.
New Report: "The Linkages Between Migration, Agriculture, Food Security and Rural Development"
The FAO, IFAD, WFP and IOM have jointly released a report analysing the complex drivers of migration and the central role that agriculture, food and development play in this phenomenon directly and indirectly.
Climate Change Adaptation in Arab States
A new UNDP report addresses the predicament of tackling vulnerability stemming from environmental impacts on food security, malnutrition and displacement coupled with growing conflict in the Arab states. It focuses on countries in the Mashreq, Maghreb, Arab Gulf and the Horn of Africa sub-regions.