Hague Decla

                                                                                                                   Progress Tracking

 The Hague Declaration on Planetary Security was launched to support concrete steps to advance in the six action areas outlined in the Declaration.
                               Please visit our website on the Hague Declaration to see progress related to the Hague Declaration’s action areas


'Don’t leave climate to the environment ministers'
War is too important to be left to the generals, the former French statesman Georges Clemenceau famously said. You can say something similar about climate change. If we have any hope of tackling the growing climate emergency, governments can’t leave it just to environment ministries to come up with the solutions.
Resource Wars: ‘Less is More Conflict Prevention’
How could minimising material, water, and energy consumption in the EU contribute to conflict prevention? This policy brief explores unsustainable environmental footprints in relation to conflict risk — and what the EU can do about this.
Climate Change and Degradation of Natural Resources: Implications for the Military
The security dimensions of climate change and resource degradation affect military organisations’ operations. This policy brief outlines the nexus between climate change and natural resources on the one hand, and security on the other.