The Planetary Security Initiative aims to increase awareness, to deepen knowledge, and to develop and promote policies and good practice guidance to help governments, the private sector and international institutions better secure peace and cooperation in times of climate change and global environmental challenges.

The Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs launched the Planetary Security Initiative (PSI) in 2015. Now operated by a consortium of leading think tanks, the goal of PSI is to strengthen the knowledge-policy interface by consolidating the Community of Practice on planetary security.

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Our Land. Our Home. Our Future.
The PSI will participate in a symposium on 15 June 2017 to learn more about how key decision-makers from Africa understand the relationship between climate, migration and security.
Epicenters of Climate and Security
9 June 2017 saw the launch of a new volume in which security experts identify 12 climate and security epicenters that will shape the geostrategic landscape of the 21st century.
Expert meeting Changing Routes 2017
On June 20 Wageningen University & Research will hold a meeting where the challenges in dealing with present and future global migration streams will be explored.