The Hague Declaration on Planetary Security


France includes climate change as key feature of its defence activities
According to the French Ministry of Defence, climate change, combined with other political, economic, demographic and social factors, is degrading human security and global stability. It undermines the resilience of the most fragile states, whose populations are the first victims and are thus likely to favour the emergence of conflicts or crises.
PSI Regional Consultation on Climate and Security in the Caribbean
On 13 December, a regional consultation meeting is taking place in Aruba. The Conference Climate and Security in the Caribbean Region: A Roadmap to Resilience will bring together technical experts, practitioners and policymakers in the fields of climate change, disaster risk management and regional security.
#Think2030 report calls for Europe to step up its weight on climate security
The #Think2030 report is based on a series of papers set in motion by a platform of 100 policy experts from European think tanks, civil society, the private sector and local authorities. It cover all major environmental challenges and maps out what changes in European policies could help European citizens to live prosperous, peaceful and healthy lives by 2050.