The Hague Declaration on Planetary Security

With this declaration, we set out an Agenda for Action for the community of practice on Planetary Security. The Agenda for Action builds upon and seeks to contextualize the priority themes and geographic regions of the 2017 Planetary Security Conference. By signing the declaration you support concrete steps to address climate-related security challenges.

Please visit the declaration page to sign up.


Not alarmist, but alarming: the ongoing situation in the Sahel
An ICRC-Bad Panel Focusing on the Combined Impacts of Climate Change and Armed Conflict in the Sahel
Pas alarmiste, mais alarmant : la présente situation au Sahel
Ce jeudi 19 avril 2018, se tenait un panel d’experts organisé par la Croix-Rouge ainsi que la Banque de Développement Africaine à Abuja au Nigéria. Avec pour thème « Impacts combinés du changement climatique et des conflits armés dans le Sahel », ce panel en diffusion live réunissaient des experts de haut niveau impliqués à l'échelle régionale. États des lieux et pistes de solutions sont explorées.
The geography of future water challenges
Where in the world will people’s lives be affected by water issues by the year 2050? What is the impact of the growing global population, further urbanisation and climate change on these water risks, the food supply and migration? PBL’s report, The geography of future water challenges, uses powerful images to provide insight into these global challenges up to 2050.