The Planetary Security Initiative - Iraq Chapter 

Climate security is particularly relevant in regions that are hit hard by climate change and that are already challenged by fragile political and security situations. Iraq stands out as an example, wherein the impact of climate change on security is developing into a serious issue. PSI has been focusing on the impact of desertification, water scarcity and the overall environmental degradation on stability in Iraq since 2018. PSI - Iraq Chapter is an online platform where we present our climate security work on Iraq and disseminate knowledge on this issue together with our local and international partners.


In May 2022, PSI is officially launching the BASRA FORUM FOR CLIMATE, ENVIRONMENT AND SECURITY to foster dialogue and action on a local level. The forum is open for participation of actors interested in joining open and closed roundtable discussions, workshops, and publications.



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                  Tobias von Lossow                                                                                    

                 Research Fellow - PSI