Climate factors in health risk management
Climate changes threatens the human security of communities due to its impact on global-disease patterns. In turn, this has economic and political consequences. Improving resilience of water resources to extreme weather events can mitigate this.
Conflict prevention in the era of climate change
A new report by the United Nations University aims at supporting the UN, its partners and member states in developing climate-sensitive conflict prevention approaches. The report recommends focusing on analysing indirect impacts, governance, inequality and maladaptation issues. Two case studies presented - Bangladesh and Nigeria - to explore the climate-security dynamics.
Water crisis in southern Iraq drives displacement and insecurity
The Internal Displacement Monitoring Center (IDMC), a research center part of the Norwegian Refugee Council organisation, analysed how environmental degradation and governance challenges contribute to displacing farmers in Iraq. Their analysis demonstrates that water scarcity in three southern Iraqi provinces is a major trigger of displacement and instability.