Hague Decla

                                                                                                                   Progress Tracking

 The Hague Declaration on Planetary Security was launched to support concrete steps to advance in the six action areas outlined in the Declaration.
                               Please visit our website on the Hague Declaration to see progress related to the Hague Declaration’s action areas


Communities regreen the Sahel to increase stability
Land degradation due to climate change has endangered the livelihoods of rural communities and heightened the conflict between farmers and herders. Together with local organizations, Both ENDS initiated the program "Communities Regreen the Sahel" to help locals restore their lands, and, thus, increase agricultural production and stability.
Planetary Security: the Security Implications of Climate Change
Expert Alexander Verbeek explains the urgent need both for effective climate change action and for steps to be taken to prepare for life in a drastically different world, where global warming and related environmental degradation will impact on security.
Environmental Activism for Wildlife Protection in Uganda
Planetary Security Initiative met with William Leslie Amanzuru, an environmental activist from Uganda, to learn more about how local civil society organizations can fight against the consequences of climate change while working on building peace.