Iraq: Climate, Water & Conflict in 2020 - PSI webinar
Iraq is among the most vulnerable countries in the region when it comes to climate change and water scarcity. Over the last two decades, the situation deteriorated dramatically, affecting health and livelihoods in the South. The COVID-19 health crisis, in conjunction with a collapsed oil price, further strains livelihoods and perspectives in the region. Join our webinar on 8 July where we discuss climate & water security in Iraq against the current political and security situation.
Early warning tool for global water conflict
The Water, Peace and Security (WPS) Partnership launched an early warning tool to predict conflict over the coming 12 months in Africa, the Middle East, and South and Southeast Asia. By employing machine learning, the tool has captured so far 86% of future conflicts, successfully forecasting more than 9 in 10 “ongoing conflicts” and 6 in 10 “emerging conflicts.” Read more about the tool and potential hotspots here.
Improving decentralised natural resource management in the Sahel
The Inter collectivité du Sourou developed an Integrated and Sustainable Development Programme (ISDP) that defined concrete actions to implement the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the Sourou river plain in Mali. A new policy brief by the Clingendael Institute outlines how the effective decentralization of power was achieved through an inclusive rather than a ‘rubber stamp’ approach.