Hague Decla

                                                                                                                   Progress Tracking

 The Hague Declaration on Planetary Security was launched to support concrete steps to advance in the six action areas outlined in the Declaration.
                               Please visit our website on the Hague Declaration to see progress related to the Hague Declaration’s action areas


'How Climate Change Fuels Violent Extremism'
'It is imperative that we routinize and institutionalize the attention for climate change in our counter-terrorism efforts,’ write General (ret) Tom Middendorp,  Chair of the IMCCS and former Chief of Defence of the Netherlands, and Reinier Bergema of the International Centre for Counter-Terrorism in a new article as part of a series on climate, peace, and security in partnership with the Center on Climate and Security.
New Report 'Flight to the Future' by Thomson Reuters Foundation
In this new report published by the Thomson Reuters Foundation, Belinda Goldsmith explains how climate change acts as a threat multiplier and exacerbates a long-running humanitarian crisis in Somaliland, a region that is still recovering from a civil war.
Reducing Conflict Through Fisheries Management
Improved fisheries management can help reduce conflict, foster global cooperation, and increase fish stocks in the face of climate change, according to researchers of the Environmental Defense Fund.