Organized by the Netherlands, on the 26th of October, this meeting aimed at strengthening global monitoring of developments relating to water quantity and quality. It underlined the need for timely information-sharing and early warning to the UNSC.
The 2018 Global Hunger Index has identified climate change as a key threat to continued progress in the fight against hunger, alongside conflict and poor governance. The report’s particular focus on forced migration and hunger describes a complex and “poorly understood” relationship, and calls for greater focus on the root causes and political responses to each.
On 1 November, the Clingendael Institute and The Embassy of the Republic of Iraq in the Netherlands organized the roundtable meeting entitled “Building a Stable and Prosperous Democracy in Iraq: Food Security, Climate Change and Sustainable Development’’, where participants discussed the political, economic and security situation in Iraq, and opportunities for future engagement.
The Paris Peace Forum will be held to revive collective governance, international cooperation, norms and institutions at a time when global challenges have never been so pressing. It will feature projects and initiatives meant at improving global governance in five key domains: peace and security, environment, development, new technologies and inclusive economy.