Webinar: 'Addressing the role of climate change in conflict dynamics'

October 01 - 2019
  • webinar
  • adaptation
  • Conflict drivers
Climate change is recognized as a threat multiplier that aggravates non-climate stressors such as population growth, poverty, environmental degradation, political instability, and social tensions. As such, there is a critical need to understand and address the climate-drivers of conflict. This webinar tackles these issues.
Global warming is impacting the world’s water supply and life cycle in almost every way. The impacts of climate change on water are particularly acute in areas of the world experiencing conflict. As water supplies become more strained in conflict contexts, they are increasingly being exploited and weaponized as strategic targets. Danilo Türk of the Geneva Water Hub and Hamish Young of UNICEF spoke with the Global Observatory about these challenges.

New Op-Ed: Arctic, EU, Russia, and European Security

September 27 - 2019
  • EU
  • Russia
  • arctic
The Arctic has long been considered as an area of low military tension with a potential for sub-regional cooperation, especially in jointly developing energy resources in the High North. Receding polar ice, as a result of climate change, has created even more opportunities in this respect. It also encourages more intensive use of the Northern Sea Route (NSR), which is gradually opening up for navigation for ever bigger parts of the year. However, the Arctic region is no longer exempt from broader geopolitical tensions.

Video on Somalia: 'A Climate for Conflict'

September 26 - 2019
  • somalia
  • drought
  • climate change
To tell the stories of Somali people struggling to cope with a changing environment, photographer and filmmaker Nichole Sobecki released photos and a documentary. She aimed at highlighting the relationship between climate change and conflict by giving voice to Somalis affected by a changing environment.