Critical warnings for Australia amidst predicted rising temperatures

April 12 - 2021
  • Australia
  • Climate resilience
  • Warming
2020 was a devastating year for Australia's climate security with bushfires, flooding and desertification impacting almost all facets of society. With this in mind, a new report by the AAS predicts the impact of a 3 degree rise in global temperatures and what policies are needed to mitigate the consequences.
This latest report on behalf of the French Foreign Affairs commission reflects on the role of civil society in strengthening society's response to climate change and its impact on existing security threats. Based on a mission to Bangladesh, the report aims to offer takeaways for national lawmakers to consider when formulating legislation on this topic.

New EU climate adaptation strategy recognises the security risks that climate change entails

March 01 - 2021
  • European Union
  • climate change adaptation
  • conflict risk
The EU's new Climate Change adaptation strategy sets out the path for the EU to become fully climate-resilient by 2050. Among other things, it acknowledges that it will have to respond to the conflict aggravating effects of climate change in the developing world.

Assessing the risks to climate adaptation & agri-food systems in Tunisia

March 01 - 2021
  • Tunisia
  • adaptation
  • agriculture
  • drought
  • Green Deal
A new report by CASCADES, assessing the risks to Tunisia's agricultural sector, the lifeblood of the country's economy. Amidst more volatile weather patterns, changes must be made to ensure the continuing vitality of the sector, not just for the country's sake, but also for the wider region's security.
On Tuesday, 23 February, the UN Security Council held a debate on the topic of climate security, hosted by the United Kingdom. The following overview highlights some of the key messages member states conveyed in the debate, where the majority shared supporting views on advancing the UNSC response to the security risks of climate change.
A new report from the Council on Strategic Risks highlights the risk that ecological disruption poses to both national and international security. The report urges governments to fund programs that promote capacity building, build water and food security, strengthen international conservation and combat environmental crime.

Report: Avert catastrophe now in Africa’s Sahel

February 18 - 2021
  • sahel
  • Climate Risk
World leaders have a disappointing record when it comes to crises that take decades to unfold.