Adapting to survive: climate change and famine in Somalia

May 25 - 2023
  • horn of Africa
  • somalia

Adapting to survive remains the only option for millions of Somalis as their country is on the precipice of yet another famine, the third in three decades.

This study explores entry points for WFP to, in addition to its core humanitarian mandate as a first responder, contribute to building climate-resilient food systems and sustainable peace in the West Nile sub-region of Uganda.

Thematic Review on Climate-Security and Peacebuilding

April 21 - 2023
  • climate change
  • environment peacebuilding
How to respond to anticipated climate change is a defining challenge across nearly every field and scope of human activity. Peacebuilding is no exception.
The Horn of Africa has seen its fair share of catastrophes, from natural calamities to man-made crises. The region is considered one of the world’s most fragile, tumultuous, and impoverished regions.
On February 9th, the Geological Survey of India announced it had discovered 5.9 million tons of lithium, a metal in high demand for electric vehicle batteries and other low-carbon energy technologies.
The increasing pressure of ecological disruption on people and on security means that ideas and policy on peace and security must increasingly address the need for ecological security.
The Horn of Africa is experiencing a historic drought.