In September the United Kingdom will take on co-leadership on resilience and adaptation at the UN Climate Action Summit. They also submitted a bid to host COP26 in 2020 and pledged £5.8 billion on climate finance between 2016 and 2020 exhibiting an increasing national commitment to tackle climate change. Yesterday UK Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt spoke in Nigeria as part of a 5 day Africa trip and addressed among others the role of climate change in instability and conflict
On the 29th April, the 8517th meeting of the UN Security Council took place. Discussing the Situation in the Middle East (the question of Palestine) EcoPeace Middle East briefed the delegates on the climate security situation in the region. The Jordanian Director of EcoPeace, Yana Abu Taleb, used ‘hope’ to describe the experience in New York –a word rarely heard in the Security Council, as a journalist pointed out.
On the 2nd April 2019 Sigrid Kaag, Dutch Minister for Development Cooperation, and Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne, French Secretary of State to the Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, participated in the High-level event "Food and agriculture in times of crisis" of the Global Network against Food Crises in Brussels. In the past three years hunger has been on the rise after decades of decline. With almost a billion people suffering from hunger, the Global Report on Food Crises, launched early April 2019 highlights conflicts and climate change effects as major factors.
In March the the fourth UN Environment Assembly took place in Nairobi, Kenya. At the same time the sixth edition of UN Environment’s Global Environment Outlook (GEO6) was published under the theme “healthy planet, healthy people”. GEO6 assesses scientific research, analyses environmental policies, and aims to help policymakers and the public identify priority actions to achieve sustainable development. In a blog published by the Conflict and Environment Observatory, Doug Weir and Leonie Nimmo analyze the report specifically focusing on the nexus between conflict and the environment.