A first comprehensive assessment of climate security within the UN Security Council has been published, which is quite frank in its assessment of the Council's progress and headwinds.

Luxembourg calls for security and defence policy expansion 

June 18 - 2021
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A new article by Luxembourg Minister of Defence Francois Bausch discusses key policy recommendations for NATO and the EU in order to better integrate green considerations and climate-proofing the defence and military sectors.
At the NATO summit today in Brussels leaders approved the NATO 2030 agenda which, among other things, sets NATO on a path to adapt to climate change and bolster climate security.
A variety of international actors, including the UN, are working with the government of Somalia to help the country adapt to climate change. The risks the country faces from climate change include farmer-herder conflict, extremist group recruitment and arable land scarcity. In order to combat these risks the government is, among other things, instituting safety nets to increase shock resilience and making more traditional adapative efforts like building dams.
The Expert Group of the International Military Council on Climate and Security (IMCCS) released its second annual World Climate and Security Report.

Climate Tipping Points - An Unfolding Catastrophe?

June 03 - 2021
  • climate change
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  • tipping points
A number of phenomena, termed "tipping points", create the risk of irreversible change within the context of climate change. If these points are surpassed, the results could be disastrous. What are these phenomena, how soon will they occur and what are their implications for climate security?
On 17 May 2021 Free Press Unlimited organised a webinar on the question: How can climate journalism increase resilience, peace and stability in Iraq? Journalists, consultants and media outlets from all over Iraq and close-by regions were present to discuss this topic.