Climate Security Practice Spotlight - UN Peacekeeping in Mali

May 11 - 2021
  • Mali
  • Climate security practice
  • climate security
  • UN
The MINUSMA UN intervention in Mali has been forced to confront the climatic causes of much of the violent unrest in Mali. To maintain the peace, they have implemented a number of climate security practices alongside their "hard" peacekeeping operations.
A virtual analysis of Nigeria's farmer-herder conflict has been released by the International Crisis Group. It offers insights into the climatic backdrop of the conflict as well as the measures taken to resolve it.

Climate Security Practice Spotlight - Colombian Peace Process

April 20 - 2021
  • Colombia
  • climate security
  • peacebuilding
  • Climate security practice
Investment in forest conservation and other sustainability measures implemented in the Colombian peace process show how climate measures can help to preserve peace.

PSI launches first review of climate security practices

April 19 - 2021
  • climate security
  • Climate Risk
  • climate change
  • climate policy
first report and overview of climate security practices. Climate security research has evolved tremendously over the past 20 years in the direction of how to address security risks related to climate change. Action on the ground is still limited but holds a lot of potential. Therefore, interest is growing in the development, diplomacy and defence sectors to engage in this space.

Critical warnings for Australia amidst predicted rising temperatures

April 12 - 2021
  • Australia
  • Climate resilience
  • Warming
2020 was a devastating year for Australia's climate security with bushfires, flooding and desertification impacting almost all facets of society. With this in mind, a new report by the AAS predicts the impact of a 3 degree rise in global temperatures and what policies are needed to mitigate the consequences.

Launch of a New Arctic Military Activity Tracker

April 09 - 2021
  • arctic
  • NATO
  • Russia
  • climate security
With climate change opening up the Arctic region to great power rivalries, the Center of Strategic and International Studies has published its new Arctic Military Activity Tracker with the aim of accurately mapping military positioning in the High North.

The Contradictory Influence of Low Oil Prices

April 06 - 2021
  • Oil
  • Resource curse
  • middle east
  • energy transition
  • Conflict
The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has been to suppress the revenue stream and ultimate security of governing regimes in many petrostates. This latest report analyses the contradictory impact of low oil prices on peace and stability and how oil-revenue sensitive states can adapt to mitigate such uncertainty.