Weaponizing water in the Syrian and Iraqi civil wars

March 20 - 2020
  • Watersecurity
  • middle east
  • Planetary Security
  • water
Using water as a strategic asset and powerful tool during violent conflict and war is not a new phenomenon. It became particularly relevant in the recent conflicts in Syria and Iraq where water resources have been used as a weapon, water infrastructures targeted and the provision of water supplies turned into a recruitment tool.

Water security and governance in the Horn of Africa

March 19 - 2020
  • horn of Africa
  • Watersecurity
  • climate security
The Horn of Africa is highly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change such as droughts and floods. This policy paper provides regional analysis of environment, peace and security linkages with specific focus on water security and governance. The paper presents entry points for the international community to address the multi faceted risk landscape in the Horn of Africa.

Ready for take-off? Military responses to climate change

March 17 - 2020
  • climate security
  • Military
  • climate change
  • Climate Risk
A new report by the Clingendael Institute for the Netherlands Ministry of Defence highlights how military organisations respond to climate change through systematic adaptation and mitigation strategies. The study looks at how the Netherlands and 11 other armed forces predict, prepare, operate and contribute to climate change. Impacts are felt not only in their missions abroad, but also at home.

GCA Paper: 'Making Peace with Climate Adaptation'

March 16 - 2020
  • GCA
  • climate change adaptation
  • security risks
  • peacebuilding
  • Conflict
How can climate action contribute to peacebuilding? And how can peace intervention be more effective due to taking to account of climate impacts? This new study on the role of climate adaptation in reducing security risks was commissioned by the Global Commission on Adaptation as part of a series of background papers for the 2019 Flagship Report Adapt Now.