On the 28th of June, The UNSC adopted Resolution 2423 which further extended their Malian mission. It is the first time a UN Mission is asked to include the impacts of climate change on the security situation of the country they operate in explicitly in their activities.
Test of Endurance, a new report by the Planetary Security Initiative, warns of increased stress on land systems, just as the African population is set to double by midcentury. It observes that nearly half of the land in sub-Saharan African is steadily degrading, with severe economic impacts. This cost Africa a whopping $10 trillion in economic activity.
Three sessions will be held to further cooperative solutions for ecosystem and freshwater distribution management. Those seminars will bring high-value ecosystems and sustainability security to the forefront of global geopolitics.
Report which assesses to what extent initiatives regarding landscape restoration address migration and security objectives in Africa.