Climate change is one of the most pressing issues of our time, and its effects are felt by communities worldwide. But for those living in conflict-affected areas, the impact of climate change can be particularly devastating.

The EU and its member states have taken unprecedented steps to reduce their dependence on Russian energy resources. ECFR’s new EU Energy Deals Tracker documents Europeans’ agreements with new suppliers – and highlights four key lessons for policymakers.
Environmental degradation and climate change, Russia's war against Ukraine and the COVID-19 pandemic all have the potential to trigger disasters in Europe.
Southern Africa is among the most vulnerable regions in the world to climate change.
Earlier this year, NATO announced it will set up a new
Climate finance took centre stage on the agenda of COP27, which took place in Sharm El-Sheikh in Egypt from 6-18 November 2022, but climate-security also received remarkable attention.
The region of Akkar in Northern Lebanon plays host to one of the oldest coniferous forests in the wider region and as such is a biodiversity hotspot that locals depend on for their livelihoods.