10 February 2020
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Luxembourg championing Climate Security Conference 2020

On 14 February, the staunch supporter of the climate-security issue, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence François Bausch will host an event to present the key findings of the World Climate Security Report 2020 in Luxembourg. General Tom Middendorp (ret.), the Chair of the IMCCS and Senior Research Associate at the Clingendael Institute, will arrive in Luxembourg to present the main findings of the World Climate Security Report 2020.

Along with DPM François Bausch, Gen. Middendorp (ret.) will talk to Luxembourg press and the chairpersons of three parliamentary committees (Foreign Affairs, Defense & Environment). A presentation and Q&A session with MPs of Parliamentary Committees will follow. The topics he will address include the geopolitical impact of climate change, the effects of climate change on the military and defence, and the areas where human security risks spill over into higher-order security risks. Besides Gen. Middendorp (ret.), Captain Steve Brock (ret.), Chief of Staff and lead author on the report, and Kate Guy, Senior Research Fellow at The Center for Climate and Security, will be present as well to share their insights.

This event is held back-to-back with the 56th edition of the Munich Security Conference 2020 held from February 14 to 16 in Munich, Germany.  

Photo credit: Jirka Matousek/Flickr