21 February 2024

Climate Change takes center stage at the Raisina Dialogue

From the 21st – 23rd of February the Observer Research Foundation in partnership with the Foreign Ministry of India will host the 2024 edition of the Raisina Dialogue. The Raisina Dialogue is the foremost conference in India for discussing topics related to geopolitics, economics, security and climate change. One of the 6 pillars this year is titled “Peace with the Planet”, highlighting both the damage that pollution and the global economy exert on the environment, but also how we in turn are dependent upon it for our own wellbeing. South Asia is increasingly experiencing the repercussions of environmental pollution and degredation of local biodiversity, it has also had to deal with the brunt of climate change with increasingly hazardous storms and natural disasters striking the region.

For this reason, climate change and its security implications have taken center stage at Raisina. There will be a series of events hosted on the topic, among which include one moderated by the Planetary Security Initiative’s Louise van Schaik. The event, hosted on the 21st of February, is titled “Angry Planet – Investing in the Age of Resilience and Adaptation”, and will discuss how vulnerable communities can adapt and invest in their future to improve disaster response mechanisms and agricultural resilience, among other topics. The aim will be to see how resources can be invested to support innovations in this space. Additionally, it will also be used to launch a report by ORF titled “Stronger Together: A Compendium of Stories of Courage and Resilience During Disasters”. The event will feature a wide range of high-level speakers including:

  • Vanita Sharma, Advisor on Strategic Initiatives, Reliance Foundation, India
  • Scott Moe, Premier, Government of Saskatchewan, Canada
  • Jagannatha Kumar, Chief Executive Officer, Reliance Foundation, India
  • Kwame Owino, Chief Executive Officer, Institute of Economic Affairs, Kenya
  • Rahoul Sawani, President-Asia-Pacific, Corteva Agriscience, Singapore
  • Sara Roversi, Founder and President, Future Food Institute, Italy

Alongside this event is another, hosted on the 23rd of February, focused on reform of the international financial institutions. The event is titled "Democratic Dollars: Can the Planet Reclaim the Bretton Woods?". The discussion will focus on what needs to change if the international community can mobilize assistance to reach climate goals and establish a more resilient and sustainable global economy. Who should take the lead in this reform process, and how will geopolitics effect it? The event will be moderated by Camilla Fenning, Programme Lead for E3G in the United Kingdom.

For more information on the goals of Raisina, the conferences perspective on climate change, and the upcoming events use the link here.

Photo credit: British High Commission, New Delhi/Flickr