D1 –How the Military is defining its role in Climate Security: examples from various countries

It is widely accepted that climate change is a threat multiplier. Ministries of Defence (MoDs) realise they need to better understand the potential implications of climate change on their  operational environment, while also defining to their own role in mitigating climate-related risks.

In this workshop , several MoD representatives, including from the Dutch MoD, will share how their ministries go about defining their role in climate security, from  raising awareness, to incorporating more early warning systems, to changing procurement strategies and preparing for a larger likelihood of natural disaster response. By sharing ideas, suggestions and experiences with (military) experts from other countries, we hope to encourage thinking about  both internal and external transitions into more climate-sensitive military operations.  

Outline of the workshop:

MoD representatives from several different countries will kick off the discussion with short, stimulating presentations about the opportunities, but also the difficulties in incorporating climate-security-related change within Defense organizations. Following a short Q and A with the speakers, we will then engage the participants to reflect on several propositions about the role of MoDs in climate security.