27 September 2018

Get involved: Help us track the Hague Declaration!

On the 12th of December 2017, as part of the Planetary Security Conference, the Hague Declaration on Planetary Security was launched. The declaration, which was signed by 100+ high level dignitaries, sets out an Agenda for Action to address climate related security risks. It was the first time there was a commitment to consolidate and strengthen this community and act on reducing climate related security risks on ground. The Hague Declaration aims to spur up action  at multilateral and  local levels to achieve workable solutions for alleviating security risks that emanate from climate change.

The six action areas of the declaration comprise of –

 1) Creating an Institutional Home for Climate Security,

2) Coordinating Migration and Climate Change Responses,

3) Promoting Urban Resilience,

4) Supporting Joint Risk Assessment in Lake Chad,

5) Strengthening Climate and Conflict Sensitive Development in Mali,

6) Supporting Sustainable Water Strategies in Iraq

Help us monitor progress relating to the Hague Declaration ahead of the PSC2019 by sharing examples of best practices that contribute to climate security actions.

Follow this link to the survey.