14 May 2018

Announcing the 2019 Planetary Security Conference #Doable

We are pleased to announce that the fourth annual Planetary Security Conference (PSC 2019), took place on 19th & 20th of  February, 2019, in the Hague.

The conference is for policymakers, experts and practitioners from the diplomacy, defence and development sector. It has become the prime high-level meeting place to address how our planet can become more peaceful by tackling security risks emanating from climate change and other environmental stresses.

This years’ conference title was: #Doable.

The conference put a thematic focus on:

1. Contribution of land and climate policies to peace,

2. Urban risks and instability

3. Geopolitics of energy transition.

Iraq, Lake Chad, Mali and the Caribbean Small Island Developing States were spotlight regions to illustrate possible ways forward in addressing these themes.

Underpinning the conference was the Hague Declaration on Planetary Security. A critical review of progress on the six objectives of the Agenda for Action set out in the Declaration took place. Throughout the conference, commitments and practical measures to alleviate climate-related security risks were garnered to catalyse action on the ground and seek more relevant policy adjustments in 2019.

A summary report of the Conference can be found here.

Our flyer is available in English and in French

Planetary Security Conference 2019 #Doable