Binta Diakite

Consultant Expert - Agence de la Promotion des Investissements
About Binta Diakite

Ms. Binta Diakite is a dynamic young executive from Mali. Since 2015, she is in charge of promoting the investment within the Investment Promotion Agency of Mali (API-Mali). Daily, she aims to target and attract potential investors and facilitate their settlement in Mali.

After living between Africa, Europe, and America, Binta gave up her position of Commercial Director of the first magazine of Corporate Social Responsibility of Argentina, PRESENTE: Responsabilidad Social (PRS), and came back in her native country, Mali, in 2014.

Binta has a degree in International Relations from Ecole des Relations Internationales de Paris - ILERI Paris - (Paris, France); and a master's degree in International Economic Policy from Universidad de Belgrano (Buenos Aires, Argentina).

Binta is fluent in Bambara, French, Spanish, and English.