Mercy Corps's study on interventions addressing climate-conflict dynamics
Growing consensus exists regarding the interlinkages between climate change and conflict. Rather than further exploring this relationship, Mercy Corps identified strategies and interventions to address conflict-climate dynamics in their latest report. Read their findings, challenges and recommendations.
Geoengineering technologies to mitigate climate change may threaten international peace
Unforeseen impacts of geoengineering technologies may threaten international security. These technologies aim to make changes in the atmosphere to lower the earth's warming. The Conflict and Environment Observatory (CEOBS) explores some of these “promising solutions” and discusses the potentials and risks of geoengineering.
Webinar: Water Security in the Middle East
On Monday, 4 May (15.00 -17.00 AMS), EuroMeSco is organising an online webinar to present its new study 'Ensuring Water Security in the Middle East: Policy Implications'. EuroMeSco will analyse the impact of securitisation and COVID-19 on policymakers and water security in the region. Click for registration.