S4 – Conflict and Nature!

Nature and natural resources frequently connect with conflict and migration. In some cases, they provide financial resources to fuel conflict. Geographic connections emerge between regions beset by conflict and migration and those experiencing extensive habitat conversion and degradation. Poor governance, scarcity, and unequal distribution of natural resources is another common connection. Conservation of nature may mitigate these relationships in some circumstances. However, suggested linkages between conflict, migration, nature and natural resources vary and remain debated and partially understood. This session first synthesizes and produces evidence on these complex relationships. Focusing on renewable natural resources, such as agricultural lands, forests, drylands, water resources, and species, a key question addressed next is whether improved natural resource management, governance, and conservation could support peace and security. The target audiences for the session include policymakers, development organizations, donors, practitioners and researchers seeking an improved understanding of the linkages between natural resources, conservation, conflict, and migration.


  • Synthesise and produce evidence on the complex relationships between conflict, migration, nature and natural resources.
  • Develop an understanding of whether improved management and conservation of natural resources could provide building blocks towards peace and security in areas in or susceptible to conflict and migration.
  • Facilitate discussions and collaborations between conflict, migration, conservation, and natural resource sectors/actors.

Format: 60 minutes total, including introduction (3 min); keynote (10 min), short introductory remarks from panelists (5 min each), followed by discussion and open Q & A (ca 30 min).

Picture credit: Flicrk/U.S. Navy Photo by Lt. j.g. Seth Wartak