Luc Bas

Director, European Regional Office - IUCN
About Luc Bas

Luc has worked as an adviser on international sustainable development policies for both the Belgium Federal and Flemish Governments. He was a representative for the Government at the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development's national Sustainable Development experts panel, and the Belgium Federal Council, and at various interregional networks on sustainable development.

After serving as a member of the Belgium delegation at the UN World Summit in Johannesburg in 2002, he introduced and chaired the first Flemish interdepartmental commission on sustainable development to prepare a national sustainable development strategy, as committed to in the Johannesburg Declaration.

As a special adviser to the Federal State Secretary on Sustainable Development, Luc had a lead in introducing the Sustainable Development Impact Assessment procedure for all federal government decisions and prepared the cabinet's positions on EU energy policy. He also represented The Climate Group in Brussels as their European Director working with business and government to reach more ambitious EU-climate policy and kick of a true energy transition. As International Director of The Climate Group’s States and Regions Alliance, he established one of the most significant networks of sub-national governments leading on climate change.