Actioning ‘Responsibility to Prepare’: Tools for anticipating and mitigating risks (A3)

We live in an era of both unprecedented risks and unprecedented capabilities to foresee these risks. This workshop examines both established and cutting-edge tools for managing systemic risk, as well as how to translate the ability to anticipate risks to policy- and decision-makers. Such tools are useful in moving this community of practice from analysis to action.
The workshop is structured around two questions: 1) What tools are available for predicting/anticipating risks? 2) How can the information gleaned from these tools be used by policy- and decision-makers to prevent fragility and enhance planetary security? Speakers will discuss foresight tools, integrative mapping and other tools and technologies used in this space. Lead discussants and ‘storytellers’ will share case studies around how this information should be used to support governance. This workshop emphasises small-group discussions and is relevant for any participant at the PSI, from the security community to NGOs to the private sector.


  • Familiarise the PSI community with established and cutting-edge tools for managing systemic risk
  • Empower the climate security community of practice with the tools to facilitate their movement from understanding the issue to formulating robust responses
  • Strengthen the rationale for skill-building around these tools, as key for promoting planetary security in the Anthropocene

Climate Security