Kanell Ambroise

Renewable Energy Project Manager - Valorem
About Kanell Ambroise

Born and raised in Guadeloupe, a French Caribbean island, Kanell AMBROISE always knew she wanted to work in and for this area after realising the potential for renewable energies and how this region was ideal for them. After engineering studies in France, where she got a master in innovation and energy; and professional experiences in the US and in Barbados, understanding local policies by laboring with projects’ managers, she came back home at age 24. She's now working for a wind and solar developer, VALOREM Caraïbes, which has developed the biggest wind power plant of the Lesser Antilles. This 16MW project is considered as the first non-intermittent one in France thanks to energy storage and a unique EMS, Energy Management System. She's now a project manager working on innovative projects aiming to decrease islands fossil dependency. She now has expertise on policies put in place to develop renewable energy on Caribbean islands and more specifically, French ones