19 January 2019

Youth Challenge Winners join the Planetary Security Conference

The winning participants of the Youth Challenge Climate, Migration and Me joined the Planetary Security Conference on 12 and 13 December 2017 in The Hague. Three participants of this challenge’s winning group considered this as an extremely fortunate opportunity because they view this Conference as the main current initiative focusing on the issue of their interest: climate change and security. Thereafter, they were pleased to be part of the larger community of practice working on global security in relation to the fight against climate change, a gathering of the best specialists on the issues of climate security.

The winning team of the Youth Challenge worked so intimately on this project of planetary security in relation to migration that they now consider themselves as family rather than colleagues. They are keen on joining other dynamic and determined young people who are willing to think about solutions for climate-related security problems and who believe that it is an issue worth fighting for. This group was particularly concerned about the water scarcity problems in the Sahelian countries and it strongly believes that we need to keep the Earth temperature rise below two degrees and ultimately to find solutions to prevent and monitor future climate refugees.


Rollis Jiofack, Elisa Perpignan, Derrick Kwabena, Oluwasegun Seriki