21 June 2018
  • climate security

Apply Now for Youth Challenge on Climate & Migration

Join the Challenge where Climate Change meets Migration, and win a day-entrance to COP 23 or a seat to participate in the Planetary Security Conference (12&13 December, The Hague)! By participating and adding to global research and discussion, you can contribute to a most pressing issue on contemporary international political agendas and alleviate stress and pressures on many in need.  

Security and migration links to climate change have been recognised, but the magnitude and scale of the relationship is still understudied. Often the relationships are part of a larger puzzle and it is not yet known which cost-effective ways can be envisaged to effectively reduce adverse impacts of climate change, such as unwarranted migration, without creating new problems.

10 organisations dealing with issues concerning climate-related displacements, including universities, NGOs, and specialised agencies, want you to help them solving the climate and migration relationship puzzle. We invite young students & professionals from all around the globe, living in the Netherlands and between 18 and 30 years old to join the challenge.

Apply before the 1st of September by sending an email to Sandra de Vries  and join the starting event on the 18th of September to become part of the research groups working on these issues in the month of October. The aim of this challenge will be to raise awareness of the topic by delivering a video and research poster with the results of the research to be presented at the final event on the 1st of November.

For more information, see the contest specifications.