01 May 2020
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Webinar: Water Security in the Middle East

Webinar on Water Security in the Middle East by EuroMeSco

Time: Monday, 4 May (15.00 -17.00 AMS)   

Desertification and water-scarcity become major problems in the Middle East, and more specifically in the Eastern Mediterranean region. These developments have had significant political and socio-economic impacts for the region.

On Monday, 4 May, EuroMeSco is organising an online webinar to present its new study 'Ensuring Water Security in the Middle East: Policy Implications'.

From analysing the impact of securitisation on policymakers to the impact of the COVID-19 on water security in the region, this webinar will discuss various factors in relation to the current global crisis.

Together with Mahmoud Shatat, Clingendael fellow researcher Tobias von Lossow wrote the overview chapter that focuses on water and security in Gaza. They will present the chapter on the webinar as well. 

Read the study here.


Photo credit: Michael Gwyther-Jones/Flickr