01 March 2019

Media coverage of the Planetary Security Conference

Under the theme #Doable, the Planetary Security Conference 2019 focussed on concrete action that can support the mitigation and adaption to the consequences of the climate security nexus. From the outset the media was identified as a key actor in making the shift from awareness to action and a focus was set on including journalism as an essential  aspect of doable solutions. This article provides an overview of the main articles published in light of the conference as well as the work of the different media representatives.

Top tier coverage (Updated 28.05.2019)

Climate Reporting Fellowship

Borzou Daragahi who published the articles in the Independent was part of the media fellowship programme convened by Free Press Unlimited and the Stanley Foundation. 15 journalists from countries with a high vulnerability to climate change – such as Nigeria, Mali, Iraq, Pakistan and Jamaica – were invited. They were able to interact with policymakers, military experts, scholars, colleagues and others and spend four intensive days in the Netherlands to develop and share their individual perspective and experiences. They also learnt how to report with more impact on climate change and conflict in their communities. Upon their return each journalist will produce at least 3 stories and 1 with a more innovative storytelling approach.


Reporting by the PSI media fellows

Media fellows: some freetime before a session

Media Fellows: some free time before a session

List of Fellowship Member Publications:

Several news items developed out of this partnership (Updated 14.03.2019):


Other coverage of the Planetary Security Conference 2019 (Updated 16.05.2019):


Watch the Best of Video of the Planetary Security Conference here