09 August 2018
  • #GLF2018

GLF Nairobi 2018: Forests and Landscape Restoration in Africa

The Global Landscapes Forum (GLF): Prospects and Opportunities for Restoration in Africa, will be held in Nairobi this year on August 29th and 30th. The event in Kenya focuses on coordination amongst regional actors with the aid of international actors from both the public and private sector, in support of the restoration of land and forests with an emphasis on the implementation.

With a majority of the population in African countries heavily dependent on the agrarian sector land becomes a resource of paramount importance. Emanating from the AFR100 (The African Forest Landscape Restoration) initiative which is aimed at restoring 100 million hectares of land in Africa by 2030.

Taking a leaf out of existing successful stories in various African countries, the forum will reaffirm best practices while learning from the various challenges. With a greater impetus in the international fora to find durable solutions to land degradation, the GLF event in Kenya aims to provide the platform for cooperation among for stakeholders. In this regard, PSI published a report that assesses to what extent landscape restoration addresses migration and security objectives in Africa.

Speakers at the conference include Ibrahim Thiaw (Special Advisor for Sahel, United Nations), Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim (Coordinator, Indigenous Women and Peoples Association of Chad) and Erik Solheim (Executive Director UNEP) among others.

Click here to visit the official website of the GLF event in Nairobi.

Photo: Global Landscapes Forum (Twitter: https://twitter.com/GlobalLF)