19 May 2018

Expert meeting Changing Routes 2017

This is a public event, more information on programme and free registration can be found here.

At World Refugee Day, June 20th, Wageningen University & Research (WUR), in close collaboration with Deltares, ReliefBase31, the University of Twente and the Clingendael Institute, organises the first annual meeting ‘Changing Routes’. The aim of this expert meeting is to share thoughts and to build the first outline of a shared knowledge agenda with concrete coalitions and to develop specific actions to deal with present and future global migration streams in relation to climate change, water and food security.

In the past decade, global displacement due to sudden (natural) disasters and crises and slow on-set events, has reached record levels. This trend is expected to accelerate due to climate change and related extreme weather events. An important question for the future is whether existing systems and structures in emergency assistance and disaster relief are able to cope with this development.

The complex challenges related to migration streams call for an integrated, holistic approach. In this meeting different fields of expertise will come together, translating existing knowledge on climate change adaptation, sustainable water management,  land use and health towards disaster risk reduction and the humanitarian field and addressing crosscutting themes. Putting science into action and work towards long lasting positive impact, for the hosting communities as well as the displaced persons.

The break-out session organised by Deltares and the Clingendael Institute is related to the Working Group on water security that was organised jointly with PBL (the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency) at the 2016 Planetary Security Conference. The 2017 Conference will feature the topic of migration more promimently. Links between the PSI and the partners involved in this meeting will be strengthened in the coming time.