26 November 2019
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Climate Fragility Risk Assessment Ethiopia

A new report and factsheet were published on climate fragility risks in Ethiopia.

Ethiopia is a key security player in the Horn of Africa: while the country can act as an important catalyst for peace, it can also be a significant source of instability if conflict risks are not managed proactively. Climate variability and change are likely to reduce agricultural yields and employment opportunities and increase resource scarcity and competition. Combined with existing inequalities and the skewed distribution of resources, these negative developments can exacerbate existing tensions and threaten the livelihood security of the many Ethiopians who still largely depend on agriculture to make a living.

The report and fact sheet give an overview of climate fragility risks in Ethiopia and present entry points for addressing them. They are authored by Milen Yishak of the Climate Security Expert Network and written for the latter. They were published on a new website by this group, that aims to feed the Climate Security mechanism of the UN system. The secretariat is based at adelphi in Berlin.

See for more information here.

Photocredit: Flickr/neiljs.