05 October 2018

Building a Stable and Prosperous Democracy in Iraq event

Under the umbrella of PSI, the Clingendael Institute and The Embassy of the Republic of Iraq in the Netherlands hold the closed-door meeting ‘Building a Stable and Prosperous Democracy in Iraq: Food Security, Climate Change and Sustainable Development’ on 1st of November 2018.

The event held in The Hague outlines pathways for Dutch engagement and investments in Iraq in an environment of post-conflict reconstruction, increasing environmental stress and climate change. It provides an in-depth discussion on how Dutch - government and private sector - actors and activities could contribute and support Iraq to build a prosperous and stable future. The event touches upon the political, economic and security situation as well as specific needs in various sectors, such as water, agriculture or education. The discussion also centers on experiences, expectations and interests on both sides, Iraq and The Netherlands, in order to explore further opportunities of cooperation.