14 September 2020
  • climate security
  • conference
  • Berlin

Berlin Climate Security Conference 2020: Joining forces to address climate-related security risks

As a UN Security Council member in the 2019-2020 term, Germany attempts to set the subject of climate security firmly on the agenda. Organised by adelphi in partnership with the German Federal Foreign Office and the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK), the second part of the Berlin Climate and Security Conference (BCSC 2020) takes place from 7 September to 2 October. The conference is a digital global meeting space for leaders from governments, international organisations, the scientific community, the private sector and civil society to address the latest developments on climate security. Building on the highly political first part of the two-part BCSC 2020, scientists and policymakers are joining forces to provide solutions and discuss what action the international community can take to address climate-related risks.

The aim of the second part of BCSC 2020 is also to explore what the international community can do to build a climate and -conflict-sensitive world post-Covid19. Germany leads the way with developing a comprehensive climate-security assessment report. Therefore, the conference also looks at how thorough risk assessment approaches could support forward-looking and preventative foreign and security policy. BCSC II will consist of closed and public sessions. The closed sessions focus on contributions needed to ensure the success of the Global Climate Security Risk and Foresight Assessment. The assessment aims at providing accessible methodologies and tools to stakeholders conducting climate-security risk assessments. The public sessions have a wider scope and aim at involving a broader community. These sessions cover overarching issues such as gender, migration and community resilience in the context of climate security.


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Photocredit: Jan Rottler/adelphi