10 October 2022

The Basra Forum: Dialogue and Collaboration on Climate, Environment and Peace in Iraq

Clingendael’s Planetary Security Initiative (PSI) will join the fourth Berlin Climate Security Conference (BCSC) to introduce its work on climate security in Iraq. The BCSC conference, titled ‘Climate – Conflict – Clash of Crises: Weathering the Risks’  starts on the 11 October 2022 and will address climate impacts on peace and stability, ts interlinkages with current global challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic, the war in Ukraine and the looming food crisis. It is a global forum connecting important stakeholders working to better address the impacts of climate change on international peace and security through diplomacy, development and defence approaches. BSCS 2022 gathers high-level political actors, climate security experts, international organisations and practitioners to address climate impacts on peace and stability and its interlinkages with current geopolitical challenges.

The conference will take place both in-person, on 11-12 October, and online from October 17-20. PSI’s session during BCSC will take place physically on the 12  October 2022 from 10:55 – 11:55 CEST in the German Federal Foreign Office in Berlin. Registration is possible by invitation only. This session, titled ‘The Basra Forum: Dialogue and Collaboration on Climate, Environment, and Peace in Iraq’, will convene an open discussion on the impacts of climate change on stability in Iraq and the role of local stakeholders in addressing them. Furthermore, during the session the Basra Forum (BF) for Climate, Environment and  Security will be presented. BF fosters dialogue and collaboration among Iraqi civil society, governmental institutions, non-governmental organisations, academia, and other relevant actors working in the fields of climate change, environmental degradation and security.

To ensure broad participation on all levels and from all regions, BCSC 2022 will organise a follow-up digital segment from 17-20 October comprised of partner-run webinars and workshops, bringing together the broader climate security community of practice in the day succeeding the in-person conference. The agenda for the online programme can be found here. The full agenda for the in-person conference can be found here.

The link to the event itself can be found here.


Moderated by: Dr. Louise van Schaik, Head of the EU and Global Affairs Unit, Clingendael Institute