16 April 2020

Arria Formula meeting on climate and security

The impact of climate change on global security is acquiring more attention by the United Nation Security Council (UNSC). On 22 April, France is organising an Arria formula meeting on Climate and Security. We will be live-tweeting. Stay tuned and follow us on twitter @PlanSec

Expected briefers:

  • Robert Mally, president and CEO of International Crisis Group (ICG)
  • Dan Smith, Director of the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI)
  • Rosemary Di Carlo, United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Political and Peacebuilding Affairs (UNDPPA)

For more information on the climate-security debate in the UNSC, read our previous policy brief: Small island states bringing climate change to the UN Security Council.


PSI coverage of previous UNSC climate-security debates:

11 July: Climate Security takes centre stage at UNSC.

Held on 11 July 2018. The purpose of this UNSC debate was to forge an understanding of climate-related security risks with a view to advance strategies on prevention and management of conflict. 

UNSC extends MINUSMA Mandate to include climate security aspects for the first time

Held on 28 June 2018. The UNSC unanimously adopted Resolution 2423, which further extended the MINUSMA mandate (UN Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in Mali). This aligns with the Presidential Statement on West Africa that included climate change as a risk factor in Western Africa

UNSC reaffirms climate change as a driver of fragility and conflict

Held on 31 March 2018. The UNSC voted unanimously the Resolution 2408, reaffirming climate change as one of the factors that destabilize the region and induce conflict in Somalia. The resolution is in line with the recent statements on the alarming shrinking of the Lake Chad and its consequences on the stability of the Sahel region.

Arria-Formula meeting on Water: peace and security by the UNSC

 Held on 26 October 2018. This meeting aimed at strengthening global monitoring of developments relating to water quantity and quality. It consequently underlines the need for timely information-sharing and
early warning as indicated by the preventive agenda made by the UNSC.

Where the world stands on climate security? A summary of the UNSC debate

This UNSC debate aimed at bringing forth the nexus between climate change and security, not only in a context-specific manner like previously acknowledged but for the globe as a whole.

Photo credit: Coalition for ICC/Flickr