Using the Climate Risks CoLab platform for scenario-building exercises (B4)

Foresight tools are key to moving the planetary security community of practice from analysis to action. They support decision-making in an environment of complex, systemic risks that could create climate security epicenters.

The workshop will be structured around using a new online platform for collaborative scenario-building, the Climate Risks CoLab. Using an interactive training and learning format, this workshop focuses on building skills and developing the understanding necessary to use scenario-building tools. Workshop participants will build scenarios in small groups that focus on epicentres of climate and security, including the core geographic and topical themes of the conference. This workshop emphasises small-group discussions and is relevant for any participant at the PSI, from the security community to NGOs to the private sector.


• Familiarise the PSI community with the basic mechanics of scenario-building, as well as one tool for online foresight collaboration

• Build practical skills that can be transferred to participants’ teams and institutions

• Empower the climate security community of practice with the tools to facilitate their movement from understanding the issue to formulating robust responses