Planetary Security in the Asia Pacific: Approaches in the region

The Asia-Pacific is the world’s most natural-disaster-prone region, densely populated and highly exposed and vulnerable to climate change threats. It is also a region characterised by evolving geostrategic tensions and competition.

Despite growing awareness of the potential security impacts of climate change in the Asia-Pacific, most institutions are in the early stages of implementing policy responses. This special session provides an update on what is happening in the region to address climate security risks, and an overview of ways forward. It focuses on regional frameworks and multilateral processes, examining the strategic dimensions of climate risks, and early warning and upstream prevention efforts to promote peace and stability.

Guiding questions:

  • Given the current regional discourse on climate security, how can policy infrastructures in the Asia-Pacific become well-equipped to prepare for and reduce climate security risks?
  • What does an agenda for moving toward a response that is commensurate with the threats look like?