Migration, Climate Change and Security (C5)

Migration, climate change and security linkages are complex, contested, and highly politicized. Yet applied research and policy debates often reduce this complexity to simplistic explanations and narrow responses. This two-part workshop will break out of the narrow set of policy and programmatic responses to migration-climate-security linkages by establishing a more nuanced understanding of these linkages, and generating non-traditional responses that add new tools to the migration-climate-security toolbox. Through an adapted storytelling format, experts will speak to participants and then sub-groups will build on the examples given to generate applied research questions and propose atypical policy and program responses, which will be presented at the end of the session. The event is targeted at donors, policymakers, practitioners and researchers, and participants will leave the workshop with an expanded view of how to address climate change, migration and security connections via non-traditional means. 


● Generate a list of specific policy and programmatic responses to migration, climate, and security linkages that redefines what are considered “climate responses”

● Undercut simplistic understandings of migration, climate change, and security

● Precipitate applied networking and collaborations among sectors/actors that are not typically working together to address migration, climate, and security linkages

Wilson Center