Climate Change, Cities and Conflict (B2)

Between now and 2050 the complete expected growth of the world population of nearly 2.5 billion people will occur in urban regions. Worldwide, urbanisation takes place while resources are depleting and the quality of ecosystems deteriorates. As a result cities will become more and more vulnerable to stress and conflicts over resources like food, water and energy. At the same time, they will also face stresses over safe habitation space due to climate-related risks like flooding. The poor are particularly vulnerable to these risks. So how can we build resilient cities that are taking inclusivity, sustainability, and secure livelihoods as starting points? Using a storytelling format, PSI attendees will hear from leading international organisations, municipal representatives and research institutes on approaches, examples and practical insights in answer to this question. Participants will be actively engaged to share experiences and pose questions. The event is targeted at municipal, regional and national policy makers; NGO’s, city developers, business and funding agencies and international organizations.

• Gather specialists from different disciplines to share knowledge and experiences with social inclusive development in cities

• Gather best practices from participants working on related projects ‘in the field’

• Get input to understand what the most important gaps are between wish and reality

• Inspire participants to take messages home and integrate the findings  in their work

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