Our world faces increasingly complex threats and risks – and climate change is key among them. A growing number of experts have shown the general nature of climate related risks and tracked their impact on politics, peace and conflict. The United Nations, the World Economic Forum, NATO, the European Union and many governments have all acknowledged climate change as a challenge to human security and international security. Nonetheless there has been limited momentum to formulate policies to address these risks. This is partly because the risks are still underestimated and poorly understood in mainstream foreign and defence policy circles.

The Planetary Security Initiative aims to help remedy this problem – increase awareness, to deepen knowledge, and to develop and promote policies and good practice guidance to help governments, the private sector and international institutions better secure peace and cooperation in times of climate change and global environmental challenges.

The Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs launched the Planetary Security Initiative (PSI) in 2015. Now operated by a consortium of leading think tanks, the goal of PSI is to strengthen the knowledge-policy interface by consolidating the Community of Practice on planetary security.

The objectives are to:

  • Enhance political awareness and involvement on the climate security interface;

  • Build an inclusive community that is multi-lateral, multi-sector and multi-disciplinary;

  • Create a regular structural platform for global cooperation on planetary security.

By bringing together representatives at all levels of governance, academia, civil society, the private sector and media, the aim is to facilitate coordinated and timely responses to present and future threats to planetary security.

Annual conferences in The Hague are at the core of PSI. They will:

  • Provide a regular space for experts on climate change and security to exchange information and increase cooperation, primarily through interactive parallel Working Groups focusing on emerging and acknowledged security concerns;

  • Stimulate the involvement of a wider community in the discussion and action on climate change and security;

  • Develop ideas that will help shape the needed policies and practices for the next 15 to 20 years.

The annual conferences will be supported by a number of complementary activities such as:

  • Strategic consultations at important international events and regional consultative meetings;

  • Publications and media outreach on planetary security issues and solutions.

The third Planetary Security Conference will be held on December 12-13, 2017 in The Hague. The theme of this year's conference is "From Analysis to Action". The goal of the conference is to strengthen the knowledge-policy interface by consolidating the community of practice on planetary security. 

For further information contact the leading consortium partner Clingendael at psi@clingendael.org / +31 70 3746 694

The Consortium

Coordinating Group

Management of the Planetary Security Initiative is entrusted in the PSI Coordinating Group which consists of representatives of the five institutes making up the PSI Consortium:

  • Clingendael Institute – The Hague
  • Adelphi – Berlin
  • Center for Climate and Security – Washington, DC
  • Hague Centre for Strategic Studies – The Hague
  • Stockholm International Peace Research Institute – Stockholm

In addition, the Chair of the PSI Advisory Board and the Director of Outreach and Engagement of the Global Strategic Communications Council serve as advisors to the Coordinating Group.

Advisory Board

Each year 10 to 15 distinguished experts from various regions, sectors and disciplines are asked to serve on the PSI Advisory Board to provide advice in the planning and evaluation of the annual PS conferences and other events and to work with the PS Coordinating Group to help in the development of the PSI Global Community of Practice.

Members may serve in their individual capacities and not necessarily as representatives of their organisations. The following persons have agreed to be on Advisory Board for the period through September 2017:

Frequently Asked Questions

Where will Planetary Security Conference be held?

The 2017 Planetary Security Conference will be held 12-13 December in The Hague.

What are the conference dates?

The 2017 Planetary Security Conference will be held 12-13 December in The Hague.

How can I participate in the Planetary Security Conference 2017

Participation in the Planetary Security Conference is upon personal invitation only. But we encourage anyone with a keen interest to please contact psi@clingendael.nl for further information on attending or assisting with the conference.