08 February 2019

PSI Youth Fellowship 2019

More than thirty PSI Youth Fellows will participate in the upcoming Planetary Security Conference in The Hague on 19th and 20th February 2019. They are young professionals, Master and PhD students with a common interest in climate change and security. Over the last months they have contacted us to express their interest and during the two day international Conference they will help speakers and convenors to manage their workshops and special sessions. They will also serve as a point of reference for all the other attendees. One PSI Youth Fellow at the end of the Conference will address the plenary to communicate key take-aways from the discussions.

Through the Fellowship the Planetary Security initiative aims to reach a younger generation who will soon be at the forefront of the battle of the climate-security nexus. We hope that experiencing and contributing to high-level conferences like PSC 2019 will inform and inspire these future efforts. The PSI Youth Fellows will help with reaching out on social media, bring dynamism and innovative ideas, essential to both the Conference and #Doable action to reduce and reverse security risks related to climate change.