18 June 2019

Ecological Peace in the Middle East: #Doable?!

‘Alle Menschen werden Brüder’, you have probably heard of this fundamental principle. After the second world war European countries started to collaborate over strategic resources, coal and steel at that time. Eventually, European countries overcame their mutual differences to sustain a proper economic development. Cooperation over strategic resources also in other cases has helped to foster sustainable peace and in many areas of this world this concerns natural resources, like water and energy. EcoPeace is an organization which strives to do this in perhaps the regions most divided on religious and political issues, the Middle East.

Beyond the conflict

Jordan, Palestine and Israel are strongly divided on political and religious issues, however when it comes to climate risks, they have equal problems and they aim to solve this together. Since 2018 the call for action on climate change worldwide increased to a significant level. In the Middle East the most visual climate risks are related to water: the lower Jordan River and the Dead Sea are shared environmental heritages of the three countries, but the water level is shrinking to alarmingly low levels.

About time

The Planetary Security Initiative acts for a more sustainable, secure world by creating a platform for action. Palestine, Israel and Jordan, three countries, multiple conflicts, one goal: the need for action on climate change. EcoPeace Middle East is combining the knowledge and expertise of the three countries. Yana Abu Taleb, EcoPeace Director of Jordan, Gidon Bromberg, the Israel Director and Nada Majdalani, the Palestinian Director will share their common cause: enlarge environmental peacebuilding to secure their shared environment and prevent this from remaining hostage to the ongoing conflict. What lessons can be learned?

Join us on July 4 from 20:00 - 22:00 hrs at  DeBalie in Amsterdam and learn more about climate beyond the conflict and creating a secure sustainable world: learn to make it #Doable.

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