WG 10: Governance & Policy

Governance and Policy Tools: Translating Climate Security Policy into Practice

Currently, many policy organisations face challenges of responding effectively to climate security risks. There is considerable knowledge about the problems, even though gaps persist, and policy formulation proceeds apace. However, translating policy positions into effective action continues to be problematic. This working group focuses on the translation of policy into practice as a key aspect of integrating climate security risks in foreign policy and development cooperation. The aim is to draw out the best ideas from a discussion of experiences of implementing both mainstreaming and integrative approaches. Three issue-areas are in focus: climate-sensitive conflict analysis, climate-resilient peacebuilding, and conflict-sensitive climate change programming. The working group session gathers researchers, officials and representatives from development organisations for a knowledge, ideas and experience sharing session. 


  • Share knowledge, ideas and experiences from work aiming to integrate climate security risks in policy work

  • Compile a repertoire of practices that has successfully improved the work with climate security risks among foreign and development actors 

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Working Group Contact

Malin Mobjork (SIPRI)