Trump, COP21 and Climate Security: the big debates and pathways for progress

The session will analyse the current state of affairs in the world of climate security and global climate and energy strategies after the Trump administration has signalled that the United States could leave the COP15 agreement. The event is intended to facilitate a pragmatic discussion on climate governance in the current context, and to shed light on the numerous positive dynamics at play which could see a new order for global climate progress and for climate security.  The session will be a moderated Davos style discussion, with experts sharing insights from the US, EU and India.

Guiding questions:

  • Who will take the lead on international climate policy?
  • How sustainable are the new state, city and business-lead initiatives within the U.S. and will they be a viable new pathway to meet the Paris targets?
  • What other progress is being made on climate security and through which other channels?
  • What will a blueprint of 21st century global climate debates look like?