The role of multilateral frameworks and reform in addressing climate security and ‘sustaining peace’ (C2)

Though confusion still surrounds the relationship between climate change and security, at least one thing is clear: responding to the scale of the climate security challenge and effectively managing climate security risks will require fundamental reforms to current peace and security institutions. The event will explore the necessary changes to be made in order to protect citizens across the globe from the repercussions of a changing climate. Using a storytelling format, this event will bring together institutional decision makers and actors advocating for climate security reforms in order to assess gaps in global frameworks that need to be addressed in order to tackle climate fragility. The workshop is targeted at institutional decision-makers and governance/policy researchers and practitioners.



• Make the case that institutional reform is fundamental for delivering climate security in practice

• Share research and expertise of EU, UN and AU mandates and capacity to manage climate-related security risks

• Deliver an interactive workshop which supports active-learning