Exploring Tensions over Water in Iraq (A4)

In the positive development that Iraq is heading towards a “Post-IS Era,” lies a challenging truth: tensions over Iraq’s water resources that affect water supply, hydropower generation and food production are likely to intensify. 
This interactive and simulation-based workshop will focus on water in Iraq. It incorporates both workshop participant involvement and a plenary discussion, to inform policy makers from the region and beyond of possible entry points for discussion about managing the country’s water resources. The event is targeted at national, regional and external actors involved in water-related issues and those involved with Iraq and the region.


• Inform external policy makers about the complexity of the water situation in Iraq, the regional water situation and the geopolitics

• Underline the importance of water and water-related issues in Iraq, and particularly in the post-IS political context

• Identify possible points of entry for action to enhance the regional water situation