D5 – Climate-Security Capabilities Game (13:15-15:30)

The Climate & Security Game is a tabletop serious gaming based analysis instrument to support the analysis on strategic capabilities relevant to prevent and respond to climate induced insecurity. This serious game method is helping organizations to identify needed capabilities and prioritize activities

The aim of the game is about:

  • Creating awareness for Climate & Security while strengthening resilience;
  • Conducting an in-depth situational analysis of current capabilities;
  • Identifying which capabilities are lacking or should be strengthened;
  • Offering concrete recommendations to the relevant actors.

This serious gaming you can play with several teams of practitioners, policy makers, experts, diplomats etc. and it supports strategic conversations on needs and ambitions; identify current and newly required capabilities; prioritize capabilities and transfer lessons identified and knowledge

The game is played in three rounds around the questions:

  1. What capabilities do we have?
  2. What capabilities do we need?
  3. Prioritize (by introducing scarcity)

Picture credit: Flickr/Helder Jean