Agenda for Action: The Lake Chad Region (B3)

In the Lake Chad region (Niger, Nigeria, Chad and Cameroon), unemployment, depleting resources, economic hardship and violent conflict interact with climate change impacts, to destabilising effect.
Aware of theses urgent and converging risks, the international community, donors and national governments have started a number of initiatives targeted at increasing resilience and addressing climate-fragility risks in the region. This session will discuss different approaches and lessons learned around building resilience to climate-fragility risks. A specific focus will be put on how to better link peacebuilding with climate change adaptation as well as the role of youth populations and gender in addressing climate-fragility risks. The session is targeted at climate change, conflict, food security and disaster risk reduction policy makers, humanitarian aid donors and practitioner agencies, and terrorism and violent extremism policy makers and practitioners.


•  To bring together local experts and donors to continue the discourse on addressing climate-fragility risks in the Lake Chad region (a process initiated in Stockholm in April 2017)

• To ground truth emerging findings on climate-fragility risks in Lake Chad

•  To collectively identify potential entry points or approaches for the international community responding to the Lake Chad crisis. And also identify approaches which do not work and should not be replicated or pursued.