H.E. Batio Bassiere

Minister of Environment, Climate Change and Green Economy, Burkina Faso
About H.E. Batio Bassiere

Mr Bassiere Batio hold his high graduation in 2009 from the « Ecole Nationale des Régies Financières - ENAREF » of Burkina Faso. From 1993 – 2006, he handled several management positions at the Ministry in charge of the Economy and Finances in the area of the taxes collection in different regions of Burkina Faso. With his rich experiences in finance and fiscality, he has been nominated by the government of Burkina Faso in 2014 as technical advisor of the Minister of the Environment  in charge of the financial and fiscality issues until 18th january 2016. Since 19th january 2016, Mr Bassiere has been promoted as Minister in charge of the Environment of Burkina Faso. He is in charge of implementing the new policies and strategies of the Ministry in charge of environment in Burkina Faso, which include the promotion of green economy, resilience to climate change and environment protection. Mr Bassiere has also a rich experiences in politic. He has been elected for several years at the national assembly of Burkina Faso where he handled several management positions.